The Perfect Automobile Accessory Is a GPS

The Perfect Automobile Accessory Is a GPS

Why you say? The answer may surprise you. Most of us guys have heard the famous words from the better half “Honey, are we lost” as our heart sinks down into our shoes.

With the perfect automobile accessory you are very likely to never to ever hear those words ever again. The automobile GPS of today is saving marriages like never before. And you don’t have to stop and ask for directions either.

That all too familiar feeling you have entered the twilight zone again. You travel to a new destination or some city or town you have never been in and there is road construction everywhere or your map is out of date. And there is just now way to find out how to get to your destination without stopping and asking someone.

Today we no longer have to have this feeling of being lost or having no idea how to reach your destination. The Garmin automobile GPS navigation has come to our rescue. Forget the old worn out cliche “go where no man has gone before” no more frustration getting from where you are to where you want to go.

Garmin GPS (global positioning system) uses a number of stationary satellites over the earth that send out a signal giving us the ability to triangulate our exact location to within today inches. Boater, airplanes, hunters, joggers, astronauts and traveling in our automobiles are able to use the global positioning system today.

A GPS can detect its exact location with the signal from as few as two satellites but to get the exact location it will use three or more satellites to triangulate within inches.

The GPS navigation system developed by the Department of Defense a few years back allowed civilian use but the exact position started out as much as 150′ off or more. So to get the exact position we could use the old Loran analog radio system to update the exact position. Another method was a differential receiver that received a signal to readjust to the exact location that would get you as close as 10 to 15′.

After dealing with a few years the DOD upgraded to a much newer technology that is even more accurate and cannot be hacked. So the old system is now being used for 100% civilian use and is accurate to within a few inches today. The service we have today is very reliable and the GPS receivers we have for our cars, boats, airplanes and the ones we carry in our pockets provide excellent service.

Global positioning systems have become an integral part of our world today. Most new forms of transportation can be bought with built in GPS systems. The GPS network is used to track everything today. The location of your cars and cell phones to the location of your fleet of boats, trucks and shipment across the country can be tracked.

The GPS tracking capability has opened the door for parents to track their children. Even hikers in the wilderness can be tracked. But the best advantage of the GPS technology is the ability to find our way back home or the best route to our new destination.


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